Yuji Tojo

International Guitarist Song Writer, Producer, Recording Engineer


Yuji Tojo has a richly diverse International career working on a wide range of musical genres as a Guitarist, Studio Musician, Song Writer, Producer, and Recording Engineer. He also continues to perform as a Solo Artist and joins with a myriad of talented musicians creating all star local performances in the Bay area and Central Coast when he is not on tour in Europe or Japan. His performances and recordings can take you on a journey taking world beat, jazz, funk, improvisation to a new level.


Musical Roots

Yuji Tojo has been a musical performer since childhood. He began his life long career in music at the tender age of 9. Music became his life path and by 14 he was playing in a popular Tokyo rock band Nami. Success was abundant and he soon found himself signing with one of the top bands in Japan, ETB. This began his professional career as a Recording Artist and full time touring Musician. ETB was one of the top ten Jazz/Rock Funk bands in Japan and success was phenomenal; commanding audiences of 10,000 or more people a concert with a constant stream of publicity, Nationally syndicated TV shows, and a series of successful recording contracts reaching the National top ten charts for popular music. As a result of both talent and success they opened for some of the biggest International Artists of the day such as Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, and Little Feet.

Yuji naturally aligned with many talented musicians in the West. He discovered his life path was global and left Japan for an International career in music, recording and production.


Musical Works

By 1980 he moved to Santa Cruz, California and was hired as a guitarist for CBS artist Lacy J Dalton both recording and touring. Yuji also performed with Baba Olatunji, Grammy Award winning virtuoso Drummer, Percussionist, Producer, Social Activist and Recording Artist. Somewhere between the late 80's and early 90's Yuji created his own world beat group Chi Mizu touring Japan and the Pacific Coast with a team of talented musicians.

Yuji Tojo continues to self produce recording numerous albums and singles; Way of the Universe was released in 2010. It can be purchased on amazon in digital format. More recently, As I Breathe was released July 15, 2019 and is available to purchase on many digital platforms. As I Breathe flows with a natural reflection of subtle harmony between acoustic and electric melodies, creating a full bodied breathe of fresh air. Each instrument introduces a layered ballad of connectivity ascending on a journey of discovery through the hearts path of love, loss, and passion.

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    • Yuji Tojo's Latest Music Selection
      Journey EP Released August 5, 2019

      Journey, by Yuji Tojo, is an EP available for purchase in all digital platforms. Enjoy the refreshing melodic pathways to your heart in rhythmic form; it takes you there. A collection of musicial treasures; some originals not yet released, flows from one song into the next, taking you on a rich and colorful path of enjoyable music. Have a listen on itunes.

Bookings for Yuji Tojo

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